Ferrari ride

Scenic ride in a Ferrari 360 Modena and lunch at Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside

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Get the thrill of a lifetime riding for about an hour in a Ferrari 360 Modena on scenic windy roads in the Bay Area.


Your driver will be Ethan Wilson, high performance driver and multi national go-kart champion.


Your experience will also include lunch and one non-alcoholic beverage at the famous Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside.


The car you will ride in is a custom Ferrari that was featured in many magazines, including in European Car Magazine.








Ethan Wilson

High performance driver, multi national go-kart champion, Ferrari Challenge car owner


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This unique experience will be the envy of all your Facebook friends.

Hang out and ride with a high performance driver in a high performance car and breathtakingly beautiful.

Then have lunch at the coveted and historic Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside.

An amazing experience for an amazing person. Will that be you?

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