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$5 Donation – Personal “thank you” email from Dea Wilson, Lifograph CEO


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Please donate $5 to Lifograph – The Encyclopedia of People.



– a personal “thank you” email from Dea Wilson, Lifograph CEO




Your donation will help us add more content to Lifograph and keep our platform FREE FOR EVERYONE.


If people don’t think you’re crazy, you’re not dreaming big enough.


Lifograph is trying to build world’s largest Encyclopedia of People.


What we are doing is a bit crazy, but we think it’s doable. However, only with your help we will succeed.


We are trying to build the world’s largest timeline and people graph. We are trying to connect the dots between everyone in the world in a gigantic map of connections.


Lifograph is our free gift to humankind – because in life it’s all about the people – it’s all about who you know and who knows you.


But we cannot do it without your help.


We want to allow everyone to discover hidden connections, showcase their accomplishments and connect with others like never before.


You have the power to make a difference.


thank you



Founder at Lifograph, Venture Partner at Founders Floor Accelerator and Founder of Silicon Valley Incubator


Dea Wilson, the Founder of Lifograph, is a well known Silicon Valley founder, investor and startup advisor.

She is also Venture Partner at Founders Floor Accelerator and Founder of Silicon Valley Incubator.

Dea has a huge network in Silicon Valley and her super-connector abilities have earned her the moniker Mrs. Silicon Valley.

Dea has a Master Degree from University of Washington and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.


Merrick Clark

Co-founder and CTO at Lifograph

Merrick loves building stuff. Whether he is building a car, a house, or an API, Merrick is always up for a great challenge.

As an Iraq War veteran, Merrick knows the power of teamwork, strategy and execution, so he applies his unique leadership skills to rally up the team on a daily basis.



100% of our donation will go to building Lifograph – the Encyclopedia of People.




Thank you from Lifograph


A while back, Dea Wilson – Lifograph founder – was looking for more information about an investor. Google gave her 500,000+ search results to look through.

She was trying to research the investor’s interests, track record and figure out who would be the right person to make a warm intro. She spent almost 2 hours doing research and compiling the investor’s timeline and mapping out his connections.

However, there were at least four more investors she needed to research. Yep! Almost ten hours of her life she couldn’t get back.

Dea invested a lot of time in her research and she wanted to share it with other people to save them time. But she could not find a site to share her research.

At that point Dea decided to build Lifograph – the Encyclopedia of People.

So she teamed up with Merrick, her cofounder, and Lifograph was born.



You have the power to change the future.

Your contribution is more than a donation.

It is a gift to the world. 



Dea and Merrick

Dea & Merrick

Lifograph cofounders


Donations are voluntary and non refundable. Lifograph is not a non-profit organization, so we are not able to provide a receipt for charitable deductions.


What do you do with the money raised from donations?

100% of the money raised through donations go to add content to Lifograph.

We are a frugal company. We don’t spend money on fancy offices or massages at work.

Our CEO is not taking a salary and everyone else works either for equity or for less than half the market rate.

Our main goal is to create as much value as possible for our users.

Your donation will make this possible and help keep our encyclopedia free for everyone.